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You Ready For Your Pins?

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Revolutions I was one of the most successful, helpful and talked about bowling books in decades. Revolutions II picks up where the first book left off and takes your bowling game into the new Millennium. A great book for all bowlers. A must for pro shop operators, instructors, and anyone serious about improving their performance and knowledge of the sport.

Are you confused with all the equipment choices on the market? Revolutions II offers a fresh perspective on the bowling ball market and deciphers the equipment choices that face today’s bowlers.
Revolutions II also features chapters on lane play, including current conditions in league, megabuck and professional tournaments.
How about professional insight? Revolutions II offers a view from the top — the favorite ball layouts of top U.S. professional players, as well as top-ranked international bowling champions.
The culmination is a book filled with insight and facts intended to broaden your knowledge base and help you achieve consistently higher scores.

This comprehensive instructional program was designed especially for women and developed in cooperation with the Women’s International Bowling Congress. Designed for women of all ages and skill levels, “Bowling for Women Only” features PWBA superstar Anne-Marie Duggan, PWBA Champion and Team USA Coach, Jeri Edwards, the “Coach’s Coach,” Fred Borden, and USA Bowling certified coach, Pat Duggan. These expert instructors will teach you:



  • How to generate more Strike Power.
  • How to select equipment.
  • How to read and adjust to lane conditions.
  • How to maintain the right frame of mind.
  • How to have more fun.


“It’s music to a bowler’s ears.” That’s the slogan of something totally new on the bowling scene — a music CD/cassette titled “Bowl Me Over,” featuring ten songs inspired by, you guessed it, bowling.

What bowlers and music lovers might not guess is that these songs, with titles such as “Four-Step Approach” and “When Love Strikes,” are not gimmicky novelty tunes. From hot contemporary country sounds to 60s rock-n-roll, this recording is easy-on-the-ears and very entertaining. The clever lyrics have been professionally set to original Nashville-quality music. Some songs have already received radio airplay.

Designed for bowling center jukeboxes and sound systems, the music is also making fast gains in the consumer market. “Bowl Me Over” makes a perfect gift for bowling friends.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of this unique new product is that the featured singer is a professional bowler, 11-time PBA champion Randy Pedersen. Pedersen contributes two vocals — the bowling league anthem “Let the Good Times Roll” and the comic “Beer Frame Blues” — and proves he can carry a tune as well as he carries a ten pin.

Bowl Me Over mixes uptempo dance songs with ballads, all designed to set the mood for league night, said song-writer/producer, Tom Dermody. “We can’t guarantee that listening to it in your car while driving to the lanes will add pins to your score, but we can guarantee it will psyche you up for the good times to come,” he said.